About Us

There's undeniable magic when light meets exquisite crystal and glass.  The family-owned design house of Crystorama has been celebrating this marriage for more than 50 years in its lighting creations.  Crystorama is known for its standout lighting, which is exceptional in quality and design.  With every chandelier it manufactures, Crystorama draws upon its history, knowledge, and legacy of stellar craftmanship, and then embraces modern shapes, inspirations, and materials.  Crystorama chandeliers are timeless and always in fashion.

Please visit OUR NEWS & PRESS SECTION to read the article printed in Home Lighting Magazine about Abraham Kleinberg, “Gentleman in Lighting.”

Crystorama chandeliers are featured in such prestigious institutions as the US Supreme Court, Constitution Hall and the Palace Theatre. Crystorama fixtures have also graced North America’s most important Residential Homes……….Yours.

We encourage you to seek the advice of experienced lighting personnel before choosing the chandelier that will become a part of your personal family history, future, and lifestyle. When you purchase lighting from Crystorama, you are purchasing a piece of history.