Crystorama strives to make every home more beautiful and every moment more memorable.



The Crystorama Story

“MR. K” started out in New York with big dreams and a knack for business. After coming back from World War II, he found himself drawn to the lighting industry, seeing both its potential for success and the tight-knit community it offered. With sheer determination and a lot of hard work, he laid the groundwork for Crystorama, a company that would become a major player in the industry.


Throughout his incredible journey, Abe's dedication was unmatched. He lived and breathed his work, always striving for the best. Whether it was insisting on top-notch materials or sticking to fair business practices, his integrity was rock solid. And his drive for excellence? Well, that was the engine behind Crystorama's constant innovation and growth.


Abe's legacy lives on in Crystorama today, shaping its culture with the same principles he held dear: dedication, integrity, and a passion for excellence.

"Engaging with customers, I've witnessed firsthand the profound impact of Mr. K's legacy. His presence was not merely a figurehead but a beacon of inspiration within our industry."
Ryan Ranzino, VP of Sales


Our mission is Crystal Clear. Inspire people to step into the spotlight of style and illuminate their environment and lives with exceptional lighting.

Good design and lighting enhance the mood and desirability of a space and contributes to a sense of well-being. We want to be there to shine the light on every cherished moment. That’s why our customers are our focal point, just as our lighting is to their homes.


Making life bright

As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to put family first. So often, the most meaningful moments in our lives are those that we share with our families and loved ones. We craft our products with this very concept in mind. Besides being functional, our lighting adds style and creates an atmosphere suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a major milestone or simply eating a meal around the dining room table, we want to surround your family with beauty and warmth to make every moment even more memorable.

Brad Kleinberg joined the company in 1988 after graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Business.

In 1992, Nancy Lonoff joined the team after receiving a Masters degree in Art and Design from New York University.


Second Generation Owners

The second-generation energy and fresh perspective evolved the brand to a design house and manufacturer of crystal chandeliers and fashion-forward interior and exterior light fixtures for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.  Today, Crystorama still calls New York home with its corporate headquarters and warehouse facility in Westbury, NY. Brad Kleinberg, the President, manages the day-to-day operations, while Nancy Lonoff, the Creative Director, oversees design development and art direction.

As with every generation, Crystorama is the personality of its owners; family-oriented, modern, and transcending.  Both Brad and Nancy continue to bring Crystorama’s legacy into the future by staying true to the founding principles of great attention to detail, a deep-rooted passion for quality materials, versatility of design, and a constant drive for creative innovation.


Lighting transforms a room and sets the scene.

We continuously develop our brand to satisfy the market's interest in trends, designs, materials, and finishes. Under the Direction of Nancy Lonoff, Creative Director, we introduce an endless flow of new products that are exceptional in quality, unparalleled in value, and created with great attention to detail. Inspired by New York, art, fashion, architecture, nature, and pop culture, each of our designs are crafted to last. We are always trying new ideas, studying, evaluating, and adjusting the line quickly. This process ensures that our designs are of the moment yet grounded in the authenticity that helped us get to where we are today.


At our core we are a family business and global business. Obsessed with chandeliers. Passionate and Energetic. Dedicated to the highest quality, no exceptions. Protectors of the planet. Dads, moms, grandparents, brothers and sisters, yet children at heart. Responsible for hundreds of jobs worldwide and proud of it. Part of today's forward-looking culture. Motivated by competition. Inspired by beauty, by art, by New York, by the cosmos, by life.




We know there's a lot to consider when selecting the right lighting for your space. At Crystorama, we believe in collaboration. Our customer service team, shipping department, sales associates and product engineers communicate with each other daily, and work tirelessly to ensure experience is seamless. Our commitment to quality and service help us provide the highest levels of efficiency and execution.




We have built a legacy of exceptional, enduring design. With premium materials and a synergistic culture, our lighting is built by craftspeople who care about every detail. From our workshop in New York, Crystorama artisans use time-honored techniques to hand produce each fixture, resulting in impeccable workmanship.





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