Doral Collection

Doral 6 Light Chandelier

Model: DOR-B7706-MT
Type: Chandelier
Inventory: 22 in stock
Hanging Weight: 15 lbs
Bulb: 6 light 60- watt, E12 Candelabra base
Canopy: 4.75"W x 0.75"H
Matte white metal finish pairs well with any décor style. The velvety, non-glossy sheen offers a dramatic contrast to a room.

Derived from the delicate beauty of flower petals, the new Doral Chandelier is a stunning work of art. Its gracefully swirling metal rings create a symmetrical design that elevates any room, reminiscent of a blossoming flower when viewed from below. This fixture's warm finish and organic form effortlessly harmonize with contemporary interiors, infusing a sense of elegance and nature-inspired allure into your living space.

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Interior / Exterior Interior
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